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Are you aware of the new features of WhatsApp?


WhatsApp, the world's most well known informing application, has given extraordinary comfort to its clients.


WhatsApp isn't just utilized for messages yet sound and video calls are likewise broadly utilized, which is the reason WhatsApp has declared various new highlights to further develop video calling.

A portion of these elements were reported before however presently they are by and large formally presented.

As per the organization, the noticeable element as of late presented is video calling, at first 8 individuals could be remembered for a video call yet presently this cutoff has been expanded multiple times for example 32 individuals can be remembered for a video call.

Another unmistakable element is to send messages to or quiet individuals who are important for the calls, the strategy is that a long push on an individual's symbol will raise the message or quiet choice.

The third unmistakable and best component is call joins, which has previously been declared however it has additionally been made practical, presently clients can impart it to different clients by going to the calls tab and tapping on make call connect. People will be sent this connection and will tap on it to join the call.

Aside from this, view structure and call flag notices are likewise being added to video calls, which WhatsApp said will make performing various tasks more straightforward for clients during calls.