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Setting up the first 5G innovation lab in Pakistan, health and agriculture sectors will also benefit

Setting up the first 5G innovation lab in Pakistan, health and agriculture sectors will also benefit

5G Internet

Islamabad: The establishment stone of Pakistan's most memorable 5G Development Lab was laid at the Public College of Science and Innovation (NUST) in the government capital, Islamabad.
Federal Secretary for Information Technology (IT) Mohsin Mushtaq laid the foundation stone of Pakistan's first 5G Innovation Lab at NEST, which has been set up by leading digital operator Jazz in collaboration with Huawei.
Special Assistant to Prime Minister on Youth Affairs Shiza Fatima, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) Member Finance Mohammad Naveed and representatives of other stakeholders were present in the event.

The Jazz 5G Development Lab

It will act as a research center for the utilization of 5G thanks to high data transfer capacity, low dormancy and best in class security and will furnish all partners with a stage for 5G innovation. There will be economic benefits.

The aforementioned innovation lab will attract researchers to the potential applications of 5G in artificial intelligence, augmented/virtual reality and cloud edge computing, from the laboratory to education, healthcare, Industry 4.0, retail, agriculture, security, disaster management, entertainment and Public sector departments will benefit.

Federal Secretary Mohsin Mushtaq said that this lab will help us in creating an ecosystem to explore the use cases of Super 5G in agricultural technology and ed-tech etc.

He said that the lab will pave the way for the interaction of technologies like artificial intelligence/machine learning, internet of things and cyber security.

Kan Terzi Oglu

CEO of Vion Group, said that while our top priority is to provide 4G for everyone, we also have to consider the future of communication where 5G will play an important role.

Jazz Chief Executive Officer Aamir Ibrahim said that in 2020, Jazz took the lead in 5G tests and trials and today we are taking this development a step further by developing Pakistan's first 5G Innovation Lab in collaboration with NEST. are

He added that this partnership will help researchers, entrepreneurs and academia better understand the opportunities, value and utility of 5G leading to the implementation of a co-innovation ecosystem.