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Recap of "Succession" Season 4 Premiere: Joyful Homecomings | The Unique Studios

Recap of "Succession" Season 4 Premiere: Joyful Homecomings

Picture Source: The NewYork Times

Do you ever notice that on "Succession," a TV show about deal-making, very few deals actually get done? Despite the constant talk of acquisitions and power transfers, the principals always seem to be just a few details away from signing on the dotted line. There's only one deal that immediately comes to mind, and that's the marriage of Siobhan Roy and Tom Wambsgans. Even then, Shiv's revelation of wanting an open marriage on their wedding night caused the deal to fall apart, leading to Tom's humiliating string of events. In Season 4's premiere, Tom and Shiv are on the brink of divorce, but even that dissolving contract cannot be finalized.

The lively and highly entertaining Season 4 premiere of "Succession" revolves around Tom and Shiv, who are at the center of both halves of the episode. Tom has betrayed his wife and has allied with his father-in-law, Logan Roy, only to realize that Logan may value him solely as a way to keep tabs on his rebellious kids. Tom questions what would happen in a future without Shiv, to which Logan cryptically replies, "If we're good, we're good." Meanwhile, Logan's birthday party in New York turns out to be a miserable occasion for him, as he feels frustrated by the cheerful "monsters" who are gobbling up his food. Logan escapes to a diner with his bodyguard and "best pal" Colin, where he solemnly reflects on how people are just economic units and how our place in the market dies with us when we pass away.